marcus stavely-alexander and paul solomon 17 january 2014.

nova shinjuku honko was in shibuya-ku. did you know that? it was across the road from shinjuku-ku. across the international dateline. another place, another time. where do you get your news, tetsuya?

i remember your watch had to be synched with the bell or you were in trouble. i remember one class was meant to have 2 students and there was this super hot girl, a bit of flirty chit chat at the start of the class, i found  out that she was a hostess. the other student turned up five minutes late wearing a boobtube, a black leather mini-skirt and thigh-high boots. and she was the sexiest woman i've ever seen. with my eyes. in the flesh. i asked her what she did and she said she was a masseuse. so i asked her how much for a massage. she said 'more than you can afford'. i said 'try me, i've been saving' she said 'trust me, it's more than you can afford!'. i enjoyed meeting different students but it depended on the student. i did'nt enjoy meeting the ladyboy mambo show student. in one of the roleplays you had to book a trip at a travel agent.

and he went in and said ' i want to book a trip to thailand to see a ladyboy mambo show' (laughter). the other students just looked at me. it made them uncomfortable. do you remember the korean kids? brother and sister? he was about 13 and she was 9. and he had an attitude. he was cold. at the start of every lesson he'd say his name and he'd get this really serious look on his face. and he'd say, i'm KOREAN! he was always picking fights with the salary men. he was gold. and there was a sony executive guy who was about thirty. he just hated his life. at the start of some lessons he'd be talking about killing himself. god there were some disturbed students. you know who my favourite student was, and i can't remember his name, he was a window washer. like, on skyscrapers. and he was the japanese steven wright. deadpan comedian. he'd be telling jokes that'd go right over the other students heads and he'd be telling it all in a deadpan straight face way. and i'd lose it everytime. the other students'd just be looking at me wondering what the joke was. 

i had three level threes once. there were two older gentlemen, one was an orthopaedic specialist and the other was a professor from waseda university. the other student was a teenage girl with a strong NZ accent. i had met them before but not this young lady. she had been to high school in new zealand. and so i was talking about how close i lived to the school. i said i could walk from shinjuku minami guchi to nakano yayoi cho itchome in twenty five minutes or less and they were amazed. i was then in the middle of a sentence about walking in the rain and suddenly the girl turned to me and said 'oh god, that's fucked!'. the guys shook a bit but did not laugh. like when you get that funny tingle and you sort of shake. i can not remeber all of the names. one voice woman wouldn't talk. she just would not say a word. i remember one of the english girls went in for voice once and it was just the two of them. in silence. that was probably one million percent intense.  there was that guy who used to make his own medieval clothes. paul l, rene from melbourne and i used to call him the captain. there were some fascinating and enthusiastic people. i knew a musician guy named satoru, and norie (from nishi guchi), ayako  later kuriko. i had a beer with satoru at tengu not too long after starting work at the school. the teachers had been helping him with english lyrics for one of his original songs just before i started. not long after arriving we did a splendid recording of that song. i will add it to the website oneday. actually satoru and i jammed with new york guitarist tony gilligan. toast was his name. some of those recordings will be included somewhere in the website. i thought mr. tominaga was great. some thought it was their duty to try and outsmart him or tell him something he didn't know. how intelligent. you would always hear this 'whooz got tominargarr?!'. i spent one lesson having a philosophical discussion about the lyrics to the george harrison song writings on the wall. that was one of the most enjoyable 40 minutes of my time at nova. that lesson. meeting kuriko, meeting norie and that discussion about those lyrics.  he was smart and he would listen and his english was extraordinary. some had success in tryung lessons with him that somehow reversed student and teacher function. what a legend. once we had a discussion on frank zappa. remember that zappa/ mothers of invention album that got played? weasels ripped my flesh.  for one lesson with mr. tominaga we used that cd case as our discussion material. weeks later, i was heading for the elevator from the street and mr. tominaga had just come out of the adminstration office. i could not control myself and just had to ask him 'didja get any onya?' and he said 'oh no, i thought you had some!'.

i remember karin. the sexy french teacher. the day i got engaged to simone was the day of the christmas break up party. i can't remember her name but one of the german teachers said 'well, what will i tell karin?' i said 'what do you mean?' she said 'she likes you. she likes you very much!' and i said 'tell her i'm single'. and i knew right then that that marriage was not going to work (laughter), so i called off the engagement the next morning. anyway, being a part timer, i didn't start work until five so i used to go to the park most days. i'd shoot hoops and hit a tennis ball against a wall. or i'd just go down to read a book. i wouldn't be active everyday. i read a lot of books. i read every english book in wako library. there were quite a few shit ones in there i might add. the day i left nova john power tried to talk me out of leaving. it was the first time he was on my train after work. i wanted to stay but nova couldn't get me another apartment. and i was with simone. i wanted to move out. we were always fighting. she was always crying. i would of liked to have stayed but i didn't have the money or references to get an apartment on my own. wouldn't have bothered me where i stayed just as long as it was affordable.      ( to be continued ).

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