tokyo rose  may 1999/ may 2009.

the original recording features a violin part by ayako nakajima but the restoration completed in 2009 replaces both violin tracks with pianos and clarinets. future versions will include this misplaced contribution. kurikokaleidoscope recording restorations commenced when tracks were individually transfered from the tokyo rose yamaha md-data master disc in may 2009, marking the tenth anniversary of the project. these masters were transfered through a surviving yamaha md8 mtr into a zoom mrs-1128 mtr with gold plated planet waves TM rca to dual instrument cables. once the tracks were lined up on the zoom mrs-1128, equalization work was initiated. the piano, organ and clarinet group have helped with the sgt. pepperization of tokyo rose thanks to the stunning korg x5d keyboard. the work hasn't been restoration in the true sense as tokyo rose and most of the other recordings were never completed. certainly one of the great kurikokaleidoscope titles and one not to miss.

2018 will see the release of new mixes of this song.

tokugawa shogun  may 1999

there are plans to release mixes of this song later in the year. (2018)

close the curtis  may 1999

not the clearest sounding work but this is one of the great original cassette tape mixes done in may 1999. the cassette tape mix has been transfered from an aiwa xr-fd5 md cassette stereo system via the headphone socket into the zoom mrs-1128. some delay and chorus effects have been added.
percussion by satoru irie, ayako nakajima and kuriko sakuma.

this classic song is missing a classic video.

kotomi satomi hitomi  july 1999

for the presentation of kotomi satomi hitomi, an audio cassette tape copy of a june 1999 mix has been transfered from the aiwa xr-fd5 md cassette stereo sytem into the zoom mrs-1128 mtr using a headphone to rca cable. this is not a new mix.

play with me  july 1999.

some rough mixes have been done of this classic song.


a passage to the visitor  july 1999.

short instrumental from the matron sessions.

great mucking around bit captured during the recording of i am the matron from time lord. mark treats us to some great snare drum acoustics. there are some bizarre effects ( bells, whistles and paper being cut ) and ted on fender bass, all  added three weeks later. 'do not forget to check.'

i am the matron from time lord  july 1999/ february 2014.

this title features a classic bass part by ted richardson and stunning drums supplied but the rocker mark loomse.

' This particular song also seemed to be heralding new directions for kurikokaleidoscope into uncharted musical territory which I was looking forward to.' ted richardson 2013.

tracks from the master md8 data disc have been transfered from the yamaha md8 mtr into the zoom mrs-1128 mtr with gold plated planet waves TM rca to dual instrument cables. an effect has been added to the bass fourteen years after the original recording. the master mix has been expanded into more tracks with different effects and equalization.

two new videos of this song will appear in 2018.

hong kong  july 1999.

the governor knew what to do the chinese told him what to do he lowered the flags and packed his bags. prince charles attended without his wife, what a shame, but he's to blame.

kagami no kanojou  december 1997/ july 1999.

some restoration work was commenced on this song in may 2010. keyboard tracks were added to the master featuring unison vocals by kuriko sakuma & norie inayoshi. the original recording was done in 1997 and kuriko overdubbed more vocals in july 1999. recorded on a tascam cassette tape mtr and as you could imagine the sound is shocking but it won't shock. fixing this will take more than just a moment. it is probably not worth the trouble but we shall see what can be done with it.

this is yet another song that will be looked at this year but probably not one the most important in the group of planned productions.

under the moonlight  april 1998/ september 1999. 

beautiful romantic title. there were a couple of sanbon gu mark one recordings that featured great saxophone from curtis and drums by satoru irie from 1998. curtis had already left japan as early as may 1999. backing tracks were borrowed and new vocal melodies and lyrics were quickly written for kuriko's contribution. there are two of these songs in existence. under the moonlight and melanie quaintrelle.

melanie quaintrelle  april 1998/ september 1999.

remixed in september 2013 from the original yamaha md8 data disc. some effects have been added to the guitar and kuriko's vocal has been turned right up in parts. notice the big increases near the end of the track. this song was  recorded in april 1998 with a vocal  performance by by norie inayoshi and saori katayama. new melodies were written for the b part chorus and the lyrics were done on new years eve 1998. kuriko recorded her contribution in august and september 1999.

this title features drums by satoru irie and saxophone from curtis. percussion by satoru irie, norie inayoshi, ayako nakajima and kuriko sakuma.

lyric content is relative to controversial content. one reason why this is not coming out anytime soon. 
historically, this song is significant but it will probably never be released. just a moment though, this might have been uploaded onto the reverb nation site a while back. does the reverb nation kurikokaleidoscope account still exist?  that is something that might need to be looked into.

love in the night  march 2000.

untouched as is recording from march 2000. this is the original mix from april 2000. it is one of the last recordings done in the classic period of the project (may 1999 - april 2000) dig it.

princess  february 1998/  june 1999/ august 2012.

not the greatest and obviously quickly put together. this video will be deleted from youtube in the next couple of weeks ( sometime in 2014 ) instrumental tracks are being held in reserve for future releases.


penelope paralellogram
  may 1999/  may 2007/ may 2013.

fantastic bass guitar is by marcus and ted richardson. the keyboard effects are without question coming to us direct from the hollow earth. keyboards by miku matsushita. listen carefully. listen with headphones. turn it right up.

2016 will see many more types of track like this ones.

june 2013 marcus/ curtis email excerpt


just a quick note to say that i have uploaded an epic video.
penelope is finally complete. post-recorded percussion
part done in tokyo circa 2007. not exactly percussion parts
more a-b a-b-c world drum patterns on different kits
that give that latin mcdonalds drive-thru romantic touch.
violin has been sped up and sprayed with the distortion.
oh no there are two violin tracks. one normal one distorted.
pitch of one of those has been moved too. by a millionth.
the violin has that false start part which incidentally didn’t
work properly as there is still a gap if you notice it.
guitar is at the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool.
atmospheric space keyboard do is by miku matsushita.
the saxophone is in reverse and it has been sped up and
worked on. a host of lush effects catch the solo when it
is in full swing near the end (of the sax segment).

june 2013 curtis/ marcus email excerpt

Marcus old boy, you never disappoint. 

That was a real trip guys. And Marcus, your description is gold. 

My phone doesn't do this justice. 

This needs big speakers, a big screen, and a dark room.

kotomi satomi hitomi  july 1999

this is the same mix as the other youtube uploads. the video has been put together using recently re-discovereed 8mm video footage. new ( audio ) mixes are coming soon but we don't know when.

kotoamatsukami  april 1999/ april 2009/ february 2016
the instrumental track here will probably used in future releases.

this presentation reveals lots of other things happening, doesn't it?  such as  tap dance performances/ productions and karaoke establishment compilation excerpts.

a fantastic production. full of hints of suitcases full of cardboard vault treasure.

there are a number of new videos set to appear here as a number of new productions will be taking place. hopefully some extra information about the songs will be provided.

© Marcus Stavely-Alexander 2018.

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