welcome to the kurikokaleidoscope website. how did you get here? take a look around our forever but slowly evolving website.
did you know that a new kurikokaleidoscope website is planned? we can not use some of the features on this platform and it might be time to start selling our music on vinyl records whilst maintaining a foothold in the paradise known as obscurity.


kurikokaleidoscope has been on ReverbNation for a while.


march 2018 - the whole site has been reviewed and extra notes have been added to most pages. no extra links have been added to the links section and there no plans to add any new links.

*the older notes are old but kept here just to fill the place up a bit.

that section is quite full and it does not need anything else added to it. let's concentrate on the music by kurikokaleidoscope. no links were updated in march 2017. they have been updated this year. we might have lost a couple of youtube subscribers because of that. oh no, it's the end of the world. have a nice evening.

march 2017 - updates are on the way this month. links to the material recently uploaded to the MiharuSanbonGu YouTube channel (including satellite kurikokaleidoscope uploads), will be provided. more news on upcoming releases and new images. all coming soon.

august 2016 - some new information was written into the notes on the restorations page. some new links were added to the links page: FREE FALL and Renatino de Napoli.  some existing links have been shuffled about and the sizes of certain link icons were decreased. some of the presently uploaded youtube videos will be deleted by september 2016 in preparation for major restorations scheduled to commence at the end of this year. chops include, i am the matron from time lord, princess and we will visit that site later. please subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't already done so. there will be more updates soon.

special thanks to ted richardson for this image.

(the karaoke kan tower. you just had to be there.)

© Marcus Stavely-Alexander 2018.

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